Talea Mortis

Paki's Legacy dagger, made of sharpened bone

weapon (melee)

Grants Inflict Light Wounds 3/day

If used to perform a coup de grace on a helpless living creature and the creature dies from the attack, the creature’s flesh begins to peel off and its bones animate as a skeleton under the command of the bearer of the razor. The creature’s flesh is not destroyed, but decays at a steady rate. The bearer of the razor can spend 1 minute reattaching the flesh to the animate skeleton, which ends the necromantic magic and results in a normal corpse (though a corpse of a person killed or mutilated by knife wounds). If the bearer uses the razor to flense and animate another creature’s bones, the previous animate skeleton is immediately destroyed.


This knife is a shard of bone Paki discovered while wandering through the Plane of Death as a child. While within the realm of the dead, Paki used this knife to create bodyguards and servants, and it was instrumental in his survival and eventual escape.

Talea Mortis

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