Number One

Jerrick's Longbow, the first bow

weapon (ranged)

+1 Impervious, Adaptive Composite Longbow


Jerrick has only one thing left of his former life as a Crucian Sniper – his longbow. Despite grievous injuries, this was the only item he kept with him through the stupor of unconsciousness that resulted in his arrival in Lower Ballarian – it was only recently that he remembered why he clung so fastly.

Crucians do not name their weapons; a weapon is but a tool for the true weapon: the soldier. Thus, this weapon like all the others in Crucible, is simply named “Composite Longbow #1”. The name itself however gives the lie to the practice. Weapons are named in succession with their order of crafting, so “Composite Longbow #1” is in fact the first composite longbow crafted following the foundation of the Crucian Empire. This particular longbow made it into Jerrick’s hands as a gift from his father, but how his father came to own it remains a mystery.

Number One

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