Primal Elements

On The Road Again

Tianna much preferred caravan duty to remaining in the crowded, stinking city that so dramatically highlighted the difference between the rich and poor. Those folks from the mines not being able to get the care they needed really bothered her. She admired Paki’s diligence in tracking down the people that needed his help and was happy he had come to get her. She knew little of the working of the world prior to this mission, and wished that she still did not know how cruel people could be to each other. In the village, it had been understood that every life was valuable. When people were sick, hurt or hungry everyone did what they could to help.

This land may be a harsh and unpleasant place, but at least out here she was able to feel like herself again. Fewer people, a few of what passed as plants around here… Yes, this is much better. Yet still, Tianna did not feel settled. She was still struggling to put her finger on what was bothering when the gauth attacked the caravan. Julian’s response to that attack is what finally made her realize what had been bothering her.

Ever since they left home, he had done everything to show how happy he was to have left. His change of clothes. His comments about finally being back in a city. He showed ingratitude in every way he could to the people who had done everything they could for him. Sure, he had given back and agreed to come on this mission, but Tianna found herself questioning his motives. Was it all for show? The encounter with the gauth seemed at the very least to condemn him as not overly committed to the cause. Running at the first sign of danger was not the actions of a person who really wanted the mission to exceed. It was the actions of a person who cared for himself above others. He had come back when it was obvious we weren’t leaving, but his initial reaction betrayed his true feelings.

If they had lost this delivery, they would have wasted weeks of time for nothing. The village needs this deal to work. The ore the mayor was able to send will only last for so long. They needed to secure another shipment by any means necessary. Letting a gauth destroy those chances was not something Tianna could stand by and let happen.

Tianna felt sorry that she had been quit so harsh in her response to Julian. Every word was true, but she could have been a bit gentler. There was nothing for it now though. Trying to take it back would just look silly now. First impressions are always the ones that stick. Just as Julian’s initial reaction to the gauth had not been outweighed by him staying to fight, a change of heart now would not help significantly.

This was going to be a rough trip with no guide. Though Tianna knew a rough direction of their destination, getting there was going to be a challenge though. As they waited out the night, Tianna added to her staff again. It seemed like this trip was going to make it’s best effort to fill up her staff.

Today she added an hourglass for the hurry to complete the mission, a pair of outreached hands to represent Paki’s healing efforts, a wagon to represent the caravan, a picture of the gauth since it was the scariest enemy they had faced and a fist to represent her anger with her companion’s fleeing and her determination to succeed in the mission.



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