The Palatine Empire

The Empire is the foremost center for civilization, arts, and culture in all the world – or so they believe. Truth be told, there is some truth to the belief – The Empire has an extraordinarily strong compliment of Earth, Life, and Water aligned races, with a fast growing line of Air making its way through the population thanks to fairly permeable borders with Ballarian for the last fifty years. Thanks to these elements’ natural tendency to build and create, Palatine is home to soaring structures, great composers, and architecture that takes the breath away. If the empire could be said to have a fault, it’s the soaring ego to match it’s sky-reaching structures and a relative youth that leaves the empire itself untested.

As a corollary to the Empire’s creativity and structure, it’s military and politics are similarly well crafted and structured and it’s legions are fast becoming the most feared military force in the world – not due to the soldiers’ individual ability as much as due to their absolute organization, discipline, and dedication. What the legions lack in individual strength and destructive power they more than compensate for with cooperation and unity and they are lead by some of the greatest military minds in the world.

Military: Exceptional (Large numbers of highly disciplined troops arranged in Legions)
Exports: Finished goods (Art objects, standard quality equipment and goods, etc)
Political Situation: The Empire is in the enviable situation of having no declared enemies and numerous allies. It enjoys a permanent alliance with Ballarian and has extensive trade agreements with The Crucible, despite a certain amount of distrust between the two nations. The Empire is even rumored to have arranged a limited amount of trade with strange peoples of The Forbidden Continent.

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The Palatine Empire

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