The world is young, still solidifying from the primal energies of the multiverse. The deities are equally young, and still clawing out their own niches. Likewise the peoples of the world have yet to agree on any one structure of worship or view of the divine machine. What they do agree on is:

There exist 10 entities of divine power: 4 Seasonal gods and 6 elemental ones. By mutual agreement, each of the seasonal gods hold sway for 1/4th of the year, and pass rulership to the next in line on the Cardinal day (solstice/equinox). Each Seasonal God in turn favors 3 of the elementals (listed below) which are charged to enact the will of their sponsor, and each holds office for 1/2 the year:

Winter: Death, Air, and Water
Spring: Water, Life, Earth
Summer: Life, Earth, and Fire
Fall: Fire, Death, and Air

Note: Earth and Life always hold office together, likewise Death and Air are favored by the same Seasons; thus they are often associated with each other (whether they like it or not).

Winter: Krisk (m) – LE
Spring: Evaneria (f) – LN
Summer: Glau (f) – NG
Fall: Mephistus (m) – CN

Earth: Grog (m) – N
Fire: Effinia (f) – CN
Air: Aethor (m) – CE
Water: Salila (f) – LN
Life: Aron (m) – NG
Death: Tybel (m) – N


Primal Elements Quantus347