The land of Raucid is thought by most to be a harsh, empty land. Spreading out to the north of the Exile Lands, Raucid is one giant swamp held together by the gnarled roots of a twisted jungle canopy, crouching in the shallows like some beast protecting its kill. The lack of any readily identifiable resources (or any means transporting them out of the swamp even if there where) has prevented any large expeditions into the depths of this area. Some swear they have seen people living in the boughs and roots of the swamp, but these tales are dismissed by most as mirage and fever-dreams, for nothing but oozes and swamp lizards could call such a place home.

‘Most’ are wrong…

Ruled by a harsh Druidic Brotherhood, the peoples of Raucid do not live as most do. Embracing the pitiless laws of nature, they have less of a society than an ecosystem. What secrets the shadows hold, what ancient powers sleep in the waters, what twisted Will drives the Brotherhood, and what it’s driving them toward are all questions that even the natives do not know the answers to…

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