The Land of the Blessed:

Considered by most of its residents to be the sum of the world, and comprises the whole of ‘civilized lands’. Home to four nations, there is constant low level conflict, tempered by regularly shifting political and trade alliances as each nation jockeys for standing and power. Crouched in the center resides The Crucible, a rough and hearty land, as tough as the mountains they rule.

To the north Atrocidia waits behind the Blasted Lands, a series of regions barely recognizable after the cataclysms wrought during the Atrocidian’s bid for independence. These zones thin the planar walls between reality and the Elemental Planes, and few in the world have what it takes to survive them. Which is precisely why it makes such an effective barrier to any large forces that may wish to invade.

Southeast of the Crucible is the Palatine Empire, which broke away from The Crucible several centuries ago and has since enjoyed an uneasy peace which has (perhaps inevitably) been occasionally broken by the intrigue and machinations of the power-hungry. If it weren’t for the scope and quality of Imperial Goods, and the Empire’s alliance with the Ballerians, many fear that Crucible would have long since overrun and retaken the Empire; a fear that has greatly shaped the outlook of the populace (think tensions equal height of the cold war) while those of the Crucible fear another Blasting, and have a growing faction that believes a pre-emptive strike is the only way to prevent the destruction that would follow.

Occupying the Southwest of the continent are the Ballarian’s. Ruled by an aristocracy in their flying cities, the vast majority of the Ballerian population are of the lower class Mudpeople who live and work on the land. Possessing an abundance of natural resources, the Ballerians have long enjoyed a stable political stance, as the other nations all know they cannot survive for long without the food and raw materials exported from Ballerian soil. The decadence of the Sky Cities is built upon a practice of shameless exploitation of the mudpeople, who live in relative squaller, while the denizens of the Sky Cities enjoy the riches of trade, and use those riches to buy all the finest of imperial manufactured goods, and arm themselves with the latest in Crucible and Atrocidian weaponry.

West of the Continent is the Isle of Light and Darkness, comprised of a small range of jagged mountains. Currently disputed between the Ballerians and the Atrocitians, the Isle is the only known source of the several elemental materials that are the key to many magical items.

The Forbidden Lands (Axeria):
The Forbidden Lands is the name all foreigners know Axeria as, for none have braved its shored and returned. Its shore lines are mostly shear cliffs, and what safe harbors it does possess have been carved from the rock itself, and are vigilantly guarded. It is rare that any intruders can even reach the cliff, let alone scale them, for the waters Axeria are ever-watchful. Unrivaled in Naval might, the outside world is unaware of just how much the Axerians have mastered waves, both above and below.

The Deadlands:
Forgotten by most of the civilized world, the Deadlands are divided into two regions, each with its own peoples and dangers. The south of the continent is a mass of cavernous mountains covered by a dense, nearly impassable jungle. To the North is a vast swampland, thought haunted and suicidally dangerous even by the hardened peoples of the southern Exile Lands.


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