This nation is a tightly knit group built upon the ideals of enduring hardship and physical and mental toughness. Coming-of-age ceremonies include self mutilation and trials of endurance, leaders are required to endure a trail-by-fire during the assumption of command. Outsiders view the nation as cruel in its treatment of itself and others, but the citizens scorn those who fail to prove their own toughness and believe the extreme conditions breed a nation of strong, united people. Fittingly, Crucible has the most able military of all the established nations – a single Crucian soldier is said to be worth any five of another nation’s men.

The capital of Crucible is Eurotas

Military: Exceptional (Primarily composed of small, elite units, but bound to a single monolithic command structure)
Exports: High quality weapons, armor. Exotic Ores (Mithril, Adamantine, etc)
Political Situation: Trade agreements with Ballarian and the Palatine Empire. Holds no grudge against the Palatine Empire or Ballarian, but is forced into conflict with them occasionally due to the lingering feelings of hostilities of the other nations. Concerned about the actions those lingering hostilities will force the two nations to take and is currently debating what actions will be necessary to defend itself.

Character Requirements
Characters from The Crucible must have a minimum Con of 14 to survive the harsh trials inherent in life in this nation. For this reason, racial distribution heavily Goliaths, Dwarves, and any race that favors Constitution.

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