Compiled Prophecies

“Take heed the lesson for I return again to the world. Greater in scope and reach than ever before, I shall awash the land and flood the sea. Thrice Death Comes. Death Comes. Death Comes. Death Comes. Death Comes from the skies. Death Comes from the South. Death Comes from the East.”
- Seen in a script only visible to those who can detect undead auras in the Cathedral of the Brotherhood

“The world burns, and there is no escape. The salvation lies in the northern infant, and they are Blind beyond their lands. The Ancient Father lies broken, though his harsh wisdom could save the world, if only he’d give it. Weep for the world.”
- Whispered by Aronsblood Moss in the Cathedral of the Brotherhood, audible only to those with a strong connection to Life element

At the Well of the Worlds -

“Flee. Flee. Flee. Flee this world for safety. Flee this world and it’s destruction. Flee this world and the Oblivion of the 11th. This universe shakes at his coming, though his brethren sleep. Flee, and in a new land you may oppose him. Flee.”

Compiled Prophecies

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