Ballarian is a divided nation – those who can fly and those who cannot. The nation is home to soaring sky-cities where the caste of privileged, strongly Air attuned individuals make their homes in wealth and luxury. In addition to the comfortable lifestyle and astonishing views, these sky-cities provide a virtually impenetrable defense for Ballarian against invasion resulting in a culture of relaxed nonchalance and opulence. Those on the ground, the so-called ‘mudpeople’, feel differently.

Those on the ground, those without the ability to fly, live an entirely different lifestyle. Because all of the civil services and amenities are focused on the high-maintenance Sky-Cities, those without the ability to fly (and therefor maintain a residence in the Sky-Cities) are left to fend for themselves. Because of this situation of mutual neglect, mudpeople have developed a culture of community cooperation and mutual reliance. Unlike their airborn counterparts, this mutual reliance has instilled an unparalleled work ethic among the population which if it wasn’t necessary for day-to-day survival would surely lead to great things.

Military Strength: Moderate (Exceptional Air Force, limited ground forces)
Exports: Raw materials (lumber, stone, ore), Foodstuffs
Political Situation: Allies with the Palatine Empire, trade arrangements with The Crucible and the Palatine Empire. Tensions over Isle of Light and Darkness with Atrocidia

Character Requirements:
All Characters from the Sky Cities must be capable of sustained flight, as a right of passage into adulthood. Any adult person present that is unable to fly under their own power will be looked down upon with humor,pity, or even outright derision.

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