Atrocida is the youngest nation of those in Prima, even younger than the Palatine Empire. Carved four hundred years ago from the hands of Crucibal in a surprise rebellion following that which created the Palatine Empire, the nation takes its name in memory of the atrocities which its founders believed were necessary to ensure their independence from Crucibal.

Despite their cultural willingness to ‘do what’s necessary", Atrocida’s founders endeavored to create a society that was both strong enough to ensure its independence, fair enough to ensure justice, and kind enough to avoid what they viewed as the missteps of the nation’s forefathers.

Atrocian society is organized in “Houses” by bloodline (House Ignus, House Terra, etc) and the cultural elite are ranked by the strength of their elemental connection, with the nobles of the houses being masters of the house namesake. The Royal family has traditionally drawn from all of the houses and is particularly fertile as a line. The result of this is an entire tier of nobility above the Houses (The Royal Enclaves) with natural talent in multiple elements, all of astonishing strength.

Prima main continent2

  1. Memorial City
  2. Del Yorris
  3. Pandemonium
  4. Tarrenheim
  5. Forstminster
  6. The City of Frontier (aka Crag City)
  7. New Villeborough
  8. Adamston


Military: Moderate
Exports: Minimal Atrocida is an isolationist nation, incapable of trading easily due to the tremendous natural barriers along its southern border. Its primary interest in the Isle of Light and Darkness is in creating a trade outpost, allowing it some amount of controlled exposure to its fellow nations. It does trade some limited amounts of ore and finished crafted goods from the same ore.
Political Situation: Bitter enemies with The Crucible and currently in conflict with Ballarian over the Isle of Light and Darkness.

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