Tag: Weapon


  • Talea Mortis

    This knife is a shard of bone Paki discovered while wandering through the Plane of Death as a child. While within the realm of the dead, Paki used this knife to create bodyguards and servants, and it was instrumental in his survival and eventual escape.

  • Invictus

    This weapon is a custom-fitted model of a sword originally crafted by Lylee's father for a visiting Paladin. The weapon is crafted of specially selected materials which had to be uniquely imported and worked with extra care and caution. It has a …

  • Number One

    Jerrick has only one thing left of his former life as a Crucian Sniper - his longbow. Despite grievous injuries, this was the only item he kept with him through the stupor of unconsciousness that resulted in his arrival in Lower Ballarian - it was only …