Liam Woodsworth

Former mayor of the town of Adamston.


Liam Woodsworth was the kindly mayor of Adamston, in the country of Atrocida.

Physical Description

Liam Woodsworth is an unassuming man of approximately 5’10”. His physical appearance is that of a man in his late 40’s or early 50’s, with a significant amount of premature grey. His sun bronzed, leathery skin gives him the appearance of a man who at one point spent quite a bit of time in the sun either as manual labor or an outdoorsman. His voice is that of a kindly baritone most of the time, though his mastery of speech gives him the enviable ability to be clearly heard throughout a room without the appearance of shouting. His hawkish brown eyes don’t appear to miss much, though he has manners enough not to draw attention to the fact. The scent of moist, fresh turned earth follows him everywhere and is often the first sign of his presence in a room.

Typically he will stoop a bit and smile quite a lot in a disarming fashion, hoping to bring guests and friends to their ease when visiting. His warm, mild mannerisms combined with his genuine concern for others make him easy to trust and quick to win friends.

Player Information
  • Fought in the Atrocidan war for indepedndence
    • believed to be at least 220 years old because of this
  • Former leader of a Band of adventurers
  • Provided the party a Band Seal for the Great Hunt
  • Provided the party 2 tons of ore for their home town
  • Ostensibly beggared his household in pursuit of a conspiracy against the government

Liam Woodsworth

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