Primal Elements

Paki's View: Sessions 4 & 5

Paki's Awakening

Pandemonium was aptly named. Paki’s first introduction to the city was an attack on it by undead hordes. Interesting. Since the party was approaching from behind the army, their plan was to barrel through and into the city before the army had time to focus on them. This might have worked out flawlessly except that Julian decided to run into the middle of a group of huge zombies and insult their mothers. Since everyone else was busy trying to keep him from being squished it was up to Paki to keep the wagon moving toward the city. Not surprisingly it wasn’t difficult to keep the horses running for their lives, but it was challenging to keep them from panicking and dumping the wagon in the process. Luckily it all worked out and they were lauded as heroes by the city folk when they made it through. Paki was a little uncomfortable with the attention, but he bore it with solemnity. Luckily the crowd bored with solemnity very quickly and moved on to the others. Julian seemed to thrive on the attention. Almost immediately after the crowd moved on to other distractions the party was approached by Sir Octavian Tallmark of the Homeland Guard, who attempted to take possession of the goods in their wagon. Julian politely turned him down, which he later explained was because the man represented a different “faction” than the one Mayor Woodsworth seemed to prefer. That was good enough for Paki, though he found politics confusing.

While the group was resting and recovering from their trip and Julian was exploring the local political scene, Paki investigated the city’s sick houses, as was his habit. There were a large number of them catering to the various adventuring bands and defenders of the city, but most were well manned and provisioned. He offered his services at one such location and was put to work grinding herbs for basic medicines. While doing this task he noticed a man who was not receiving attention. When he asked about the man he was told that there was nothing that could be done for him. Paki examined the man himself and was unable to locate any significant illness or injury to account for his catatonic state. When a contingent of local clerics arrived and attempted all manner of healing magics they were unable to help either. Curious now, Paki was able to rouse the man briefly and communicate with him in a very rudimentary manner. Through this conversation he learned that the man had taken an amulet, which was still in his possession, from an abandoned temple a few hours north of town. Paki was surprised to discover that the temple was of a lost sect dedicated to the brothers Aron and Tybel, the gods of life and death. As he himself had a close connection with Tybel, Paki decided to return the amulet to its rightful place and possibly aid the man in the process. When he rejoined the group and explained the situation he discovered that Julian was looking for the same man. So it was decided that the party would rest up then journey to the temple to return the amulet.

The Temple of Aron and Tybel was a life-changing experience for Paki. Upon their arrival he immediately felt a resonance with the place, especially the half dedicated to Tybel. There were a few trials to test the worthiness of visitors and then they made it to the heart of the temple. With his companions keeping the guardians busy, Paki and Julian were able to determine the nature and purpose of the room. There was a bonding ritual dagger blessed by both brothers and fertile soil. Paki knew what he had to do and he did it. Using the ritual blade he fed his blood to the soil, thus completing his pact with the brothers. The ritual bound him to them through the amulet he still carried and thus was The Brotherhood born anew.



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