Primal Elements

Paki's Quest 1

Uncovering the Past

Paki lay in bed mulling over the past few days. The formation of the circle had altered his perspective in a profound way. Before he had been a lost child wandering the world looking for his place. Now that he’d found what he was looking for, Paki felt the burdensome weight of a monumental responsibility resting upon his fragile shoulders. He was at once extremely proud and terribly frightened. At least he had the rest of his Circle to help with saving the world. Saving the world!? But he felt quite alone in his quest to resurrect the Brotherhood. Something deep within told him it was the key to the greater task. Or perhaps one of several keys. Either way, he felt it was very important.

Paki wanted very badly to be successful, but he was daunted by the challenge. First he needed to understand why and how the order had been destroyed so that he could make the new one resistant to the same fate. This evening’s dinner with the professor should help with that. He needed to be careful not to bring too much attention to himself until he knew more. Unfortunately if was difficult when he didn’t understand this land’s culture. Strange to think that he was originally Atrocitan when he had spent important formative years wandering through alien planescapes and then in Lower Balleria. Paki realized that he would need to become more sophisticated and quickly. Perhaps he should enlist Julian’s aid.

Thinking of Julian brought to mind their argument over building the base. Julian’s sense of self-importance was annoying at times, but a part of the man that Paki had to accept. Upon further contemplation the trait was both a strength and weakness, and some of what Paki would need to learn to emulate. Feeling and acting important made others take you more seriously. Julian understood that and had been raised with it as a guiding principle. Paki himself felt so disassociated from the normal ebb and flow of social order that he had trouble grasping the motivations of others. That was another skill he would need to develop. In any case, Julian was part of his Circle and no argument would ever damage that bond.



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