Primal Elements

An Odd Adventure

This trip to The Isle of Light and Dark started off much like everything Tianna has had experienced since leaving home, with her knowing nothing about what to expect when she got there. This trip, however, was turning out to be far more bizarre than she could have imagined. She expected a trading post with some sort of conflict, but as far as she could tell, this island was not used for trading at all. Why all the secrecy? Why was nobody willing to take them across to the island by boat? It all seemed a bit fishy.

The odd little man who had been willing to get them across on his flying machine was certainly interesting… and a genius… and perhaps a little unstable, but his flying machine had gotten them to the island even with a giant icicle knocking it out of the sky. With some direction, his inventions could certainly be an asset to the cause. He just might need a little bit of space to avoid blowing anyone up. If he was able to get them all of this island after they got whatever information could be gathered, she would be happy to have him.

If… If was the question… The airship was a wreck… And 8 bit seemed to be using it as spare parts to create little robots rather than fixing it. Tianna didn’t think he quite grasped the severity of the situation they were in.

The strange creatures in the caves were also disconcerting. What was causing such a gathering of these balance-seekers? It seemed that only time would tell, but until then the group would need to keep a watch out for them. They were certainly a fearsome foe.



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