Primal Elements

A New Family, A New Home

For the third time in her life, Tianna found herself with a new family. Brothers and a sister to make the circle. The responsibility to keep them safe. She had felt this responsibility before, but somehow this was different. She had chosen this course. She could have chosen not to join the circle… At least at the surface, there appeared to be a choice, but what choice was there really? To decline would have been the most selfish action she could imagine, and that was not her anymore. Her selfish hate of her first family was no more, and she was not about to do the same thing that she had long accused them of.

This family was no more a choice than either of her other families had been, yet it came with such a burden. How was such an odd group of individuals going to be truly united enough to revive a religion and save the world. Both seemed so outrageously challenging that she at times thought the gods must either be playing some terrible joke or were completely mad. Yet it had an air of truth to it. All of the evidence seemed to point to some bad weather brewing.

It seemed the less daunting of the tasks was to attempt to gain followers to this forgotten religion. Though even that had its problems. How was a group of people, most of which are not particularly religious, going to get anyone else to join in the cause. How were they going to unite a larger group without first being united themselves. The god, Tybel’s words gave her some confidence that it would not be betraying everything she believes in to revere death as well as life, but that was certainly not an argument that would win anyone over. She felt that she needed to truly feel support for this religion in order to be of any assistance in winning people over.

She started accompanying Paki to each of his visits to help the sick and wounded. The way he cared for people was interesting. He saved those that could be saved and helped those that could not be pass peacefully. In a lot of ways, it made more sense than prolonging their suffering with endless treatments, but at the same time, Tianna was unsure if it should be another person’s place to make such decisions. Shouldn’t it be the duty of the gods to determine when someone should pass on. Perhaps… Or perhaps they just made people like Paki. Tianna had started to feel some connection to the faith she was building, but it would perhaps take a bit longer for her to be fully committed.

The one thing she did know was that the gods had spoken and the consequences could be dire if they failed. They needed a base of operations and they needed help. Starting with people that they could help first seemed like a good strategy. She chipped in what she could in helping Paki talk people around. The real trick was going to be knowing when to trust them enough to let them see the site of the base. Tianna was not sure how you could ever be sure enough that allowing somebody in won’t compromise the entire mission, but on the other hand, the entire mission is about getting nations to work together. How can we expect nations to work together when we cannot even find people to trust.

There are no easy answers to be found. Only more questions. I suppose time will tell how all of this turns out.



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