The basic premise is that the world, Prima, is a chaotic world full of polarization and elementally attuned geographies and races. Originally, as the races were first establishing themselves, the entire world was a hotbed of elemental activity, resulting in a strong inherent connection to one or more elements in each of the races. As the world stabilized, these connections were found to be passed genetically: strengthening, weakening, and diversifying as individuals bred with one another.

Societies were strongly impacted by these elemental connections and nations grew out of the different philosophies of how to handle these connections – some nations emphasized and rewarded a strong connection with a single ‘pureblood’ element while others focused on diversity and a ‘toolbox’ of abilities, and yet others determined that this reliance upon the elements was a personal weakness and sought to exorcise it from themselves, preferring instead to rely upon their own ‘natural’ abilities rather than some elemental handicap and all the weaknesses that come with the strengths.

The world is still very much in the developmental stages, and is in need of a great deal of further planning. Below are the various pieces that will need to be fleshed out before a campaign can be run in this world.

Prima main continent